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It is often said there is no such thing as a free lunch. So what do most hosting companies really offer with so called free unlimited packages? In a nutshell very little. Their so called unlimited packages are next to useless, it is like offering the performance of a Porsche but with a vastly detuned engine inside it which makes it crawl. Hidden within the small print is a myriad of clauses which limit almost everything on the server making it next to useless.

FreeVirtualServers offers a truly transparent web hosting service

What you see, is what you get. There are no smoke and mirrors packages or hidden clauses within the small print. This web hosting package is available completely free of charge, with no server performance limitations. As long as you stick within our 50MB webspace and 75MB bandwidth, you can host with us for free for ever.

We offer our customers without charge a full website hosting experience backed with fanatical technical support (support tickets are answered within minutes not hours). It is like being on a continuous trial package that never ends and is great for anyone wishing to creating their first website (using our intuitive website builder), blog or e-commerce shop. Great for experimentation or honing your web design skills – why pay hundreds to a designer when you can design one yourself within an hour?

Note: With the Free Hosting package, you will be required to transfer your domain name to us or register a new one.

Pricing & Plans

Free Hosting

FREE for ever!

FVS Starter Plus

from £24.99/year


Key Features

Key Features

Kopage Web Builder

Free, magic way to create a professional website in just minutes with no coding skills required and comes with tons of great features! find out more

unlimited bandwidth and web space

Full cPanel Access

All of our web hosting packages give you full access to cPanel – the world’s most popular control panel. Here you can easily manage your website, email accounts, domain names, and many more!

Over 200+ Free Web Apps

Choose from many web applications available from Softaculous (i.e. WordPress, Forum, Shopping Cart) and install them in just a single click!

Blazing Fast Server

Our new server infrastructure in Bournemouth is one of the fastest cPanel servers in the UK! Try the Lite Hosting to experience the optimum speed!

100GB Online Backup

Get a complimentary 3 months online backup for PC/Mac courtesy of Free Virtual Drive with your hosting packages


Free Email Account

Look more professional with an email address hosted on your own domain name (i.e.

Free Hosting
FVS Starter Plus
Free Domain Name Registration or transfer

Free Domain Name for life with FVS Starter Plus as long it’s registered with us (limited to, .com, .net, .biz, .org,, .eu, Please note that you are required to transfer your domain name to Free Virtual Servers to use both starter packages. If you’d like to keep your domain name somewhere else, you need to choose from our unlimited hosting packages (Lite, Pro, or Business).

Free Domain Name Renewal

Free domain name renewal every year with FVS Starter PLus (limited to, .com, .net, .biz, .org,, .eu, Note: The domain name should be registered with us.

Trendy Tools HTML5 Web Builder

Create, edit, and publish a high quality website in just minutes. Trendy Tools is a code-free site builder that allows you to easily build a beautiful website for your business. No technical skills required. Drag, Drop, and Done!

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection

Protects your emails and computers from junk email and harmful or malicious software.

£100′s Worth of Software

Over 30 pieces of individual software to help you with Java, Images, HTML, Pop-ups and much more.

Over 500 Professional Templates

Build your website simply and easily with our library of ready made website templates.

Email Features
POP3 Email Accounts

Pick up your e-mail from anywhere on the Internet, even if you’re connected through someone else’s account.

Webmail: Horde, RoundCube, SquirrelMail

Easy to use email programs that you can set -up and manage from any computer with internet access in the world.

Spam Filtering & Virus Scanning

Protects your emails and computers from junk email and harmful or malicious software.

Unlimited Auto-Responders

Easily add auto-responders.

Mailing List Manager

Send emails to your database of customers and manage this through your control panel.

Automatic Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express Config

Configure your email account with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express with no technical knowledge required

MX Record Management

MX records specify a mail exchanger for a domain name: a host that will either deliver or forward mail for the domain name

IMAP Support

Internet Message Access Protocol is a method of accessing electronic mail or bulletin board messages that are kept on a mail server.

Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server Functionality
Hosting Features
24/7 FTP Access

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is an easy way to upload your webpages to your website. Having 24/7 access 365 days a year, means you can upload / change / delete your webpages at any time.

24/7/365 access to upload, change or delete your webpages, through File Transfer Protocol.

FTP Accounts

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is an easy way to upload your webpages to your website. You can setup a number of FTP accounts and limit access for specific users.

Online File Manager

Manage all of your files online with our easy to use file manager

Backup Manager

Make sure your data is safe with our backup manager, so you won’t have to worry about losing any data if you make a mistake. (We also perform regular backups, but we will only restore these in the unlikely event there was a server fault, rather than a human error.)


A programming language that allows you to create dynamic content that interacts with databases.

MySQL Databases

A fast and reliable database server that integrates well with PHP and Perl.

CGI Perl

Short for Practical Extraction and Report Language, Perl is a programming language, especially designed for processing text.

SSI Support

We provide full support for SSI which is a web technology that instructs a web server what to include in a dynamically generated Web page by inserting code into a template web page.


A powerful open-source database server.

Over 50 Easy to Install Scripts

Including scripts for blogs, guestbooks and bulletin boards. Just click and go, no technical programming knowledge required.

Password Protected Directories

All your folders can be password protected, to ensure only authorized users can access the content.

Hotlink Protection

Protect your images and bandwidth with our Hotllink Protector that will keep your images from being stolen.

IP Deny Manager

The IP Deny Manager allows you to prevent an IP address, domain name, or block of IP addresses from accessing your web site.

Leech Protect

Leech Protect suspends and redirects user accounts that login too frequently over a set period of time. This prevents people from sharing their login details for your site and helps protect against people trying to break in through repeated guesses.

SSL Support

All of our servers support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. You can buy an SSL certificate from your control panel. SSL certificates are comonly used for online orders or handling sensitive data over a secure connection. If a user is on a secure page a padlock will show in their browser.

Detailed Web & FTP Stats

Review your stats through your control panel. Includes Webalizer, AwStats and Analog Stats. Track user trends and more.

Bandwidth & Disk Usage Monitors

At a glance see how much bandwidth you’re using and how much disk space you’re using, ensuring you never run out.

Error Log & Raw Access Logs

Useful for more technical users to identify and correct errors users experience when visiting a website.

Cron Jobs

Schedule scripts or programs to run at a set time. For example you could schedule a PHP script to update all your prices at 12noon. Comes with an easy wizard and advanced options.

.htaccess File Modification

This powerful tool helps you change how the web server perceives your files and also password protects directories, or blocks certain addresses from reaching your site

MIME Types

A file identification based on the MIME encoding system. The MIME type has become the de facto standard for identifying content on the Internet.

Apache Handlers

Apache Handlers allow’s you to manage how the server processes your files. For example you could set .html files to run as if they are PHP scripts.

OpenPGP Key Manager

PGP Encryption (Pretty Good Privacy) is a computer program that provides cryptographic privacy and authentication.

Index Manager

The Index Manager allows you to customize the way a directory will be viewed on the web. For example you could hide the contents of a directory.

Image Manager

The Image Manager allows you to customize the way your image directory will be viewed on the web. For example you could hide the contents of your image directory.

Domain Features
Unlimited Parked Domains

Free Hosting does not support this feature, view Lite Hosting that does! The parked domain name feature lets you point any number of domain names to your current website and send/recieve emails from that domain. For example this is useful if you would like your visitors to be able to reach you from either, or

Sub Domain Manager

This package does not support this feature, view one that does The Subdomain Manager tool is an easy-to-use Control Panel function which allows you to instantly create subdomains within your hosting account, indicating the name of your sub-domain and the directory which it will point to.

Purchase Extra Domains

This package does not support this feature, view one that does? Check availability and register extra domain names cheaply and easily from your control panel.

Web Re-Direction

Re-direct a website or webpage to another URL address temporarily or permanently.

Add-On Domains

This package does not support this feature, view one that does? An add-on domain allows you to host multiple, completely independent, websites from the same hosting account. It creates a sub directory within your main web hosting directory but can show a different web site. The add-on domain collects the information from the sub domain directory using the same space and bandwidth as your main account, both websites will be accessible through one control panel.

General Features
NO Adverts

There are strictly no adverts, banners or annoying pop-ups, ever placed on your website once it has been uploaded. Just great hosting.

No Tie In Contract

We won’t bind you to a contract, no strings attached.

Regular Backups

We always make sure our servers are backed up, so you won’t lose any information, in the very unlikely event that the server should fail. You should also always make your own backups using the backup manager in your control panel.

INSTANT activation for payments via credit or debit card!

No waiting around, as soon as you’ve paid by card your account is activated. (Welcome emails are usually received within 10 minutes but domain name registration can take up to 3 working days, but usually within a few hours.) Note: Not all orders can be activated automatically. Complex orders may require manual activation.

Support Features
24/7 Online Technical Support

For those times when we all need a helping hand, our 24/7 technical team is always there to help.

Online Flash Tutorials & FAQ’s

Become an expert with our library of flash tutorials and extensive FAQ section.

Extensive Knowledge base

An extensive article knowledge base to help you understand and solve any problems you might have without having to use technical support.

General Technical Specifications
cPanel Control Panel on Linux
Tier One Datacenter Facility
Powerful UK-Based Dell Servers
If you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it please contact us and we’ll assist.

Upgrade Options

Unlimited Hosting Packages

  • Need extra space, unlimited bandwidth, and faster loading speeds? Upgrade to our Lite, Pro, or Business Hosting package to get unlimited bandwidth & webspace*, a more advanced website builder, plus loads of cool freebies! Find out more.
  • Need your own space? Check out our industry leading Fully Monitored VPS Hosting Packages! This type of hosting gives you more flexibility, power, space, and resources than a standard shared-hosting environment. Our VPS Hosting packages are suitable for small to medium businesses that are looking for a cheaper alternative to a fully dedicated server. Find out more!

* Subject to our fair usage policy

Free Hosting FAQs

1. Is it really free?

Yes. Unlike our competitors, our free hosting is completely free – no hidden fee, no hidden restrictions.


2. What can you do with 75MB Bandwidth and 100MB Web Space allowance per month?

  • Build a simple or hobby website with photo gallery
  • Create a WordPress blog with our one-click installation script
  • Create a professional email address using your own domain name (e.g.
  • Up to 100 site visitors per day for a simple website


3. What if I need more?

You can talk to our web hosting team for free on 0800 634 8474 or contact our help desk for a hosting package upgrade. Our Lite hosting package offers unlimited bandwidth, web space, and email addresses from as little as £3.33/month! On top of this, your website will also be placed on a faster server with at least +5x performance.

4. Does the free hosting package include a Domain Name?

No. You will need to register a new domain name with us or transfer your existing domain name to Our domain name starts from as little as £5.99 for domain name. You can search for available domain names from the search form located on the header of our website.


5. I’m not a computer savvy, how can I build my website?

All of our web hosting packages comes with TrendyTools HTML5 web builder & RV Site Builder – two easy-to-use tools that allow you to build a website in just minutes. In addition to this, you can also setup a WordPress website/blog in just a single click with Softaculous software.


6. I’m not familiar with cPanel control panel, how do I get started?

Don’t worry. cPanel is one of the easiest control panels available out there. We also provide you with a step-by-step video tutorials to help you get started with your web hosting account. Click here to view the tutorial videos.


7. I want to know more, how can I contact you?

For sales enquiry, you can easily contact us for free on 0800 634 8474. For technical support, you can submit a ticket through our 24/7/365 ticketing system. Our friendly team will be able to help you.


100GB Complimentary Online Backup by Free Virtual Drive

Cloud storage allows you to securely back-up your PC or Mac and have access to your files anytime, anywhere via a simple drag and drop. It truly does make storing, sharing, and collaborating files incredibly easy. This feature is absolutely free for FVS customers for the first 3 months. You will then have the option to continue using this feature at just £39.99/year.

  • Securely back-up your PC/Mac
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere
  • Share Photos, videos, other media effortlessly

*Fair usage policy applies