4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Weebly To Build Your Website

19 January 2016

WWeebly Logoeebly powers over 10 million websites across the internet and is loved by people all over the world. It is used by many to create, manage and edit your website and you can use it with any device you have including iPhone, iPad and Android. It has full eCommerce functionality and lets you manage your business from anywhere and stay connected to your audience and customers on the go.
Here are 4 main reasons why we chose to partner with Weebly:

It’s Simple To Use

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors have been popular with those who don’t want to learn how to code, or don’t have the time. Weebly typifies this concept by making creating websites a simple ‘drag and drop’ affair. You just pick a theme, pop in your content and publish it.

It’s Free

We didn’t want to charge our customers for our website builder, as historically it has always been free. So with the deal we signed with Weebly, we became an equal partner. Their website builder will be available as an option for our customers, and it’ll merge perfectly with the blazing fast hosting we offer, too. The upgrade options will still be available for customers who want more features out of Weebly, but the core website builder will be totally free of charge.

It’s Connected

After looking all over for the best possible website builder, we realised many of them were just drag and drop builders designed around images and text. Whilst this is great, it’s not good enough for our customers, who should be able to plug in links to their social media accounts to make their website a true online hub. Weebly offers this option, as well as HD video, making it a fluid option moving forwards. We spoke to their team and they put our minds at ease that they’ll continue championing online change to give our customers the best possible experience online.

It’s Mobile Responsive

We recognise that it’s not enough anymore to make a website fit for laptops. Mobile and tablets matter too now. In fact, around 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices now. This is why a hard and fast prerequisite when looking for our new website builder was that it must be responsive from the ground up. This means any websites made on it would look perfect on tablets, mobiles and desktop computers, as well. This saves future redesigning and also helps you exude a sense of professionalism.

We’re sure you’ll love using Weebly to build your websites moving forward. If you have any questions about Weebly get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you.