Are .eu domain names going to be revoked?

02 May 2018

UK residents and organisations who hold .eu domain names beware – the European Commission announced that .eu domain names may no longer be available in the UK post-Brexit (subject to any transitional arrangements). Up to 300,000 domains may potentially be affected.

Legally, only EU organisations and residents are eligible to register .eu domain names. All domain names that are held by parties that do not meet this criteria can be revoked.

That, according to the European Commission, makes all of the UK organisations and residents ineligible after brexit.

Their notice has been met with a lot of criticism. This could be a reason for the EU to reconsider its current strict stance. There is still a chance that the EU and UK may agree on a different arrangement for .eu domains, however the latest draft of the withdrawal agreement says nothing about it. If no arrangement is made, then the European Commission announcement will come into effect on 30th March 2019.