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09Feb 16

Safer Internet Day: 7 Tips for Online Security

Last year saw a huge surge in the amount of cyber security attacks. High profile data breaches such as the ones suffered by Target and Neiman Marcus’ Computer Systems saw their systems compromised and their business reputation suffered as a result. Security breaches can be very costly and devastating, so should you be worried about

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04Feb 16

Free SSL Certificates Forever – Protect Your Website And Gain Customer’s Trust

We are delighted to announce the addition of “Let’s Encrypt”, which provides you with the ability to instantly issue trusted SSL certificates for all your hosted domains absolutelyFREE! In today’s security conscious environment, with cyber attacks becoming more and more frequent (think Talk Talk and VTech), you can never be certain that your customer’s data

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13Jan 16

We Are Disability Confident: How We Support And Help Disabled People With Entering The Workplace

In the UK over 6 million people of working age are disabled or have a health condition. A large gap between the number of disabled people who are in employment compared with non disabled people exists and the government created the Disability Confident campaign with the aim of halving the employment gap between disabled people

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01Dec 15

7 Key Technological Leaps We’ve Seen In The Last 12 Years

Today FVS turns 12 years old. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. That’s 12 years of changing technologies and new innovations. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people get online, and we’ve also been around to see how things have inevitably changed in the world of technology. To celebrate our 12

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