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19Mar 19

Free Virtuals Servers has Rebranded to NetNerd

You may have seen on our social media channels and emails that in November, we rebranded our company Free Virtual Serves to a new name, logo and website – NetNerd.

Many of you may be wondering why we decided to rebrand and today we’re going to discuss these and answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve had since the rebrand.

1. Limitations with our name

Free Virtual Servers as a name worked as we could quickly and easily describe what we did. However, it’s not very memorable!

Also, although we offered the free hosting package we offered paid packages once you surpassed the free 100MB of webspace.

We felt that the name, Free Virtual Servers, didn’t accurately describe all the other great things that we as a company were doing any longer.

This is one of the big reasons why we decided to rebrand to NetNerd, so we could shout loader about our low cost, high-quality paid web hosting services and keep them separate to Free Virtual Servers under a new, memorable company name.

2. We’ve moved onto Cloud Web Hosting

We’ve also made the move from shared hosting to cloud web hosting. Cloud-based web hosting means that your website information and data is stored virtually, in cloud-based servers.

Cloud-based servers are compiled of lots of different servers, meaning they are lightning-fast and much more reliable. If one ever goes down, it is quickly moved over to another of the servers – meaning no website downtime!

We also want to branch out our services into the corporate market for businesses.

3. Why “NetNerd”?

We’re all nerds about something – and we’re nerds about the net!

We felt the new name is a fun way to draw on the stereotypes surrounding web hosting and the net whilst reflecting the friendly, approachable company that we are.

From the smallest blog to the largest e-commerce website, we want to make web hosting cheap, fast and reliable for everyone.

4. I’m a Free Virtual Servers customer, who will my invoices be from?

All invoices will now come from Easy Internet Solutions T/A NetNerd automatically. Please don’t be alarmed by this.

Both NetNerd and Free Virtual Servers are Easy Internet Solutions brands so they will always be billed by Easy Internet Solutions.

If you have any questions about the rebrand or the service, as always our friendly UK-based customer service team would be very pleased to hear from you.

We’re offering the same great service, just under a different name.

Visit NetNerd today for all your web hosting and business needs.

22Mar 18

Easy Internet Solutions acquires CloudMega Limited; Exciting times ahead!

Free Virtual Servers announces the acquisition of CloudMega Limited

March 2018, United Kingdom – Easy Internet Solutions T/A Free Virtual Servers announces the acquisition of CloudMega Limited.

The CloudMega story began nearly 16 years ago, when company co-founder Ian Andrusyk registered the domain name to provide web hosting services. It specialised in enterprise level cloud hosting services, ideal for small-mid sized businesses, and scalable to enterprise level solutions.  

We are happy to welcome the CloudMega customers into the Free Virtual Servers family. We hope you enjoy your stay!


Exciting times ahead, Free Virtual Servers rebrand!

We are also excited to announce that Free Virtual Servers is undergoing a total rebrand.
Our new brand will be called NetNerd, and it is designed to be an easier, and overall smoother experience for our customers. User friendly, easy to use and full of educational information – we hope it will pave a new way into the future.
What do you think of the new brand name? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments.

26Jan 16

FVS Hosting And Easy Internet Solutions Become Patrons Of The Leicestershire Law Society

We are delighted to announce that we are now Patrons of the Leicestershire Law Society (LLS), an organisation that helps its members by providing support and information on legal matters.  As a Patron we will be offering members of the LLS special offers, promotions and discounts to help with websites, hosting, search engine optimisation and other services to help members get online quickly and easily.

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13Jan 16

We Are Disability Confident: How We Support And Help Disabled People With Entering The Workplace

In the Uwe are disability confidentK over 6 million people of working age are disabled or have a health condition. A large gap between the number of disabled people who are in employment compared with non disabled people exists and the government created the Disability Confident campaign with the aim of halving the employment gap between disabled people and non disabled people.

Through the campaign the government is working with employers to challenge attitudes towards disability, increase understanding of disability, remove barriers and ensure that disabled people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.

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10Jan 11

Affiliate Marketing Scheme Hits New Heights

Monetise your traffic and earn the highest paying commissions in the industry. Our affiliate program is free to join, easy to sign up and requires absolutely no technical knowledge at all. Our associates (affiliates) are generating high levels of traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive recurring commission payments.

There is no better time to start promoting Free Virtual Servers solutions than now!

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