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19Mar 19

Free Virtuals Servers has Rebranded to NetNerd

You may have seen on our social media channels and emails that in November, we rebranded our company Free Virtual Serves to a new name, logo and website – NetNerd.

Many of you may be wondering why we decided to rebrand and today we’re going to discuss these and answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve had since the rebrand.

1. Limitations with our name

Free Virtual Servers as a name worked as we could quickly and easily describe what we did. However, it’s not very memorable!

Also, although we offered the free hosting package we offered paid packages once you surpassed the free 100MB of webspace.

We felt that the name, Free Virtual Servers, didn’t accurately describe all the other great things that we as a company were doing any longer.

This is one of the big reasons why we decided to rebrand to NetNerd, so we could shout loader about our low cost, high-quality paid web hosting services and keep them separate to Free Virtual Servers under a new, memorable company name.

2. We’ve moved onto Cloud Web Hosting

We’ve also made the move from shared hosting to cloud web hosting. Cloud-based web hosting means that your website information and data is stored virtually, in cloud-based servers.

Cloud-based servers are compiled of lots of different servers, meaning they are lightning-fast and much more reliable. If one ever goes down, it is quickly moved over to another of the servers – meaning no website downtime!

We also want to branch out our services into the corporate market for businesses.

3. Why “NetNerd”?

We’re all nerds about something – and we’re nerds about the net!

We felt the new name is a fun way to draw on the stereotypes surrounding web hosting and the net whilst reflecting the friendly, approachable company that we are.

From the smallest blog to the largest e-commerce website, we want to make web hosting cheap, fast and reliable for everyone.

4. I’m a Free Virtual Servers customer, who will my invoices be from?

All invoices will now come from Easy Internet Solutions T/A NetNerd automatically. Please don’t be alarmed by this.

Both NetNerd and Free Virtual Servers are Easy Internet Solutions brands so they will always be billed by Easy Internet Solutions.

If you have any questions about the rebrand or the service, as always our friendly UK-based customer service team would be very pleased to hear from you.

We’re offering the same great service, just under a different name.

Visit NetNerd today for all your web hosting and business needs.

24Aug 17

.UK Right of Registration promotion

Nominet (the UK domain registry) has announced that we can register everyone’s reserved .uk domains (you have one reserved for you until 10th June 2019 if you own a qualifying domain) for free. Whilst we have provided an interface in the client area to claim them, many of you have not done so, so we’re going to take the step of registering them all for you from September 11th onwards unless you opt out. A lot of questions can be answered by checking out Nominet’s information site here:

However, we understand you may have further questions about this so here are the most common ones:

Are they really free?
Yes, 100% free, you will not be charged for these registrations at all for the initial 2 year period. After that, standard .uk rates apply, which are the same as

Why is this so important?
Whilst we’ve helped several thousand domain owners claim their domains so far, we envisage a situation in 2019 whereby anyone will be able to register the .uk version of a domain for which you are the or owner. After calling approximately 300 customers by phone to gauge what the preferred course of action is, over 99% wanted the domains registered for them immediately. We’re confident that this applies to the rest of our client base, which is why we’re taking the step of claiming them automatically for you.

As an example of the consequence of not claiming your domain, imagine you own, for example,, and you haven’t claimed your .uk domain by 10th June 2019. On June 11th, your competitor can now register and use, undermining your based website. It’s potentially very bad news.

Do I have to do anything? How do I opt out?
If you’re happy to have them registered for free and added to your account, then do nothing. If you don’t want your free domains, then simply open a ticket through the client area before September 8th, stating which domains you don’t want to claim.

When will they be registered?
We will be registering the domains from September 11th onwards, until October 31st. You will receive a registration confirmation for each domain we register on your behalf, and it’ll appear live in your account instantly, as with any other domain.

Can I transfer domains to you I own elsewhere and then claim the free .uk equivalent?
Yes. Just submit a domain transfer for your qualifying domain in the normal manner at , transfer it to us by changing the IPS tag at the current registrar to EASY-INTERNET. Within 4 hours it’ll show as active in the client area and you can then claim the free .uk version through the client area claim interface.

What are the ongoing costs?
The first 2 years are free, and there’s no obligation to renew, though we expect most will. In an ideal world, .uk wouldn’t exist, but it does, and business owners in particular need to protect their brand names. Auto renew will be enabled by default on these domains.

If you have any further questions, please open a ticket from the client area at

04Feb 16

Free SSL Certificates Forever – Protect Your Website And Gain Customer’s Trust

Lets Encrypt LogoWe are delighted to announce the addition of “Let’s Encrypt”, which provides you with the ability to instantly issue trusted SSL certificates for all your hosted domains absolutely FREE!

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19Jan 16

4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Using Weebly To Build Your Website

WWeebly Logoeebly powers over 10 million websites across the internet and is loved by people all over the world. It is used by many to create, manage and edit your website and you can use it with any device you have including iPhone, iPad and Android. It has full eCommerce functionality and lets you manage your business from anywhere and stay connected to your audience and customers on the go.

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07Jan 16

Introducing Internet Marketing Training – FREE To All FVS Customers

A lot of our hosting customers have been asking us what they can do to market their website more effectively. We thought about referring them to helpful articles online to point them in the right direction.

But then, we had a better idea.

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23Dec 15

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year From All Of Us At Free Virtual Servers

Merry ChristmasFrom all of us here at Free Virtual Servers we would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

During Christmas and New Year we are open as normal but please note that our phone and admin support will be scaled down between December 24th 2015 and January 3rd 2016. However, our Helpdesk will be open 24/7 during these dates, so if you need technical support or help during the festive period please visit to submit a ticket to us any time day or night, and we will be pleased to help you. Our phone and admin support will be back to normal as of Monday 4th January 2016.

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23Dec 15

Claim Your FREE .uk Domain Name – Offer Open Till 7th January 2016

We currently have a fantastic .uk special offer running. Until the 7th January 2016,  you can sign into your client area and register your .uk equivalent domain name for FREE!

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14Dec 15

Give A Personalised Domain Name And Free Hosting As A Gift This Christmas

Christmas is a time of year that is all about giving and sharing, and here at Free Virtual Servers we are getting into the festive spirit early. Instead of giving  a gift of the usual box of chocolates, a run of the mill bottle of wine or a Christmas jumper to someone, why not give them something more personal?

During the month of December you will be able to give one of our free hosting packages to someone as a gift for Christmas! What’s more, you can also gift a personalised domain name to the recipient with this offer, such as or *.

Sign up to give a friend or loved one the gift of a free hosting package and domain, which includes a fully-fledged hosting account, access to Weebly, an industry leading website builder and the most popular control panel on the planet – all for free!

Click here to sign up and give this gift to a friend or loved one which includes all of this as standard*:

  • 75MB bandwidth.
  • 50MB web space.
  • Free Weebly website builder.
  • 1 FTP account.
  • 1 database.
  • 1 email account.

What makes this offer different?

  • Honest Hosting: we’re transparent about our offering and we’ll always ensure your hosting experience is defined by speed and support.
  • Your Very Own Email Address: with us, you own a domain from the get-go.
  • Databases: if you ever want to install other applications, our hosting package offers a database to do just that.
  • An Interconnected Experience: we offer both a stellar hosting package and an award winning site builder.

This offer is valid until December 31st 2015, so to give a unique gift to a friend or loved one for Christmas visit our Free Hosting page to find out more.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us today.

* This package requires the domain name you choose to be hosted with us. Domain names are chargeable, please see here for further details.