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19Mar 19

Free Virtuals Servers has Rebranded to NetNerd

You may have seen on our social media channels and emails that in November, we rebranded our company Free Virtual Serves to a new name, logo and website – NetNerd.

Many of you may be wondering why we decided to rebrand and today we’re going to discuss these and answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve had since the rebrand.

1. Limitations with our name

Free Virtual Servers as a name worked as we could quickly and easily describe what we did. However, it’s not very memorable!

Also, although we offered the free hosting package we offered paid packages once you surpassed the free 100MB of webspace.

We felt that the name, Free Virtual Servers, didn’t accurately describe all the other great things that we as a company were doing any longer.

This is one of the big reasons why we decided to rebrand to NetNerd, so we could shout loader about our low cost, high-quality paid web hosting services and keep them separate to Free Virtual Servers under a new, memorable company name.

2. We’ve moved onto Cloud Web Hosting

We’ve also made the move from shared hosting to cloud web hosting. Cloud-based web hosting means that your website information and data is stored virtually, in cloud-based servers.

Cloud-based servers are compiled of lots of different servers, meaning they are lightning-fast and much more reliable. If one ever goes down, it is quickly moved over to another of the servers – meaning no website downtime!

We also want to branch out our services into the corporate market for businesses.

3. Why “NetNerd”?

We’re all nerds about something – and we’re nerds about the net!

We felt the new name is a fun way to draw on the stereotypes surrounding web hosting and the net whilst reflecting the friendly, approachable company that we are.

From the smallest blog to the largest e-commerce website, we want to make web hosting cheap, fast and reliable for everyone.

4. I’m a Free Virtual Servers customer, who will my invoices be from?

All invoices will now come from Easy Internet Solutions T/A NetNerd automatically. Please don’t be alarmed by this.

Both NetNerd and Free Virtual Servers are Easy Internet Solutions brands so they will always be billed by Easy Internet Solutions.

If you have any questions about the rebrand or the service, as always our friendly UK-based customer service team would be very pleased to hear from you.

We’re offering the same great service, just under a different name.

Visit NetNerd today for all your web hosting and business needs.

15May 15

Starting an Online Business for Rookies

Start a BusinessBill Gates himself acknowledges the fact that if a business isn’t on the internet, then it’s likely to be buried within a few years. With the rise of smartphones, more savvy consumers are browsing the web for shopping options. Easy access and a wide customer range have lured businessmen to conquer the World Wide Web through an online business.

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26Jul 13

The Real Deal on Cloud Hosting

cloud-hosting-imageIn the current web landscape, there’s no other movement that has been on the rise as much as cloud hosting. Compared to other kinds of shared or dedicated hosting solutions, cloud hosting offers a multitude of opportunities that enable better performance and various kinds of cloud service platforms that can fit any type of business needs.

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06Sep 12

The Evolution of Web Hosting

Today, you can publish a website for less than the cost of a cup of coffee

It all began when the world wide web (www) was first introduced to the world back in 1991. Back then, you needed to own and manage your own computer server to host a website. This would have literally cost you thousands of pounds at that time.

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21Jun 11

Introduction to x3, our new cPanel theme

If you’ve logged in to your control panel recently you’ll have noticed it has a brand new look to it. The new theme, called x3, is included with cPanel as standard and brings with it a number of usability improvements as well as lots of new features. We’ll be covering some of the features in this and future articles. Click on the image below for a preview:

cPanel x3 theme

cPanel main page (click to enlarge)

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22Dec 10

osCommerce Shopping Cart

Last week we launched a new osCommerce Shopping Cart installation service for our customers, to great success!

Here at Free Virtual Servers, we were seeing a growing trend of our customers websites, which advertised their products but with no shopping cart installed. We thought the problem was that the web hosting industry uses a lot of jargon, including ourselves sometimes, which to those not directly involved may be somewhat confusing. You see in the past, building a website for your business used to be a luxury.

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17Dec 10

How can I do more with my hosting?

Install apps like WordPress and Joomla in just one click for Free

Since adding one-click script installs to our packages over 5 years ago our users have been installing scripts in seconds with minimal or no technical knowledge needed.

The program behind the one-click installs is called Fantastico and it allows you to install applications onto your website really easily and quickly.

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07Dec 10

Why pay for hosting?

Why should novices, hobby sites and SMEs looking to raise their profile online pay for hosting?

There is an image that hosting free and cheaper packages means a poorer service, which seems to be the instant presumption and perspective of many customers. Many UK web hosting companies have more recently decided to adopt a ‘no free hosting policy’ and have moved their customers onto a paid hosting option. But why should these customers have to pay every month for hosting on a server, when really the majority initially just want to see if it’s right for them?

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