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15May 15

Starting an Online Business for Rookies

Bill Gates himself acknowledges the fact that if a business isn’t on the internet, then it’s likely to be buried within a few years. With the rise of smartphones, more savvy consumers are browsing the web for shopping options. Easy access and a wide customer range have lured businessmen to conquer the World Wide Web

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21Aug 14

5 Tips On Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

From the moment you set up your website it is vital that you have a web hosting company that meets your needs, or it can have a detrimental effect on your business in the future. Choosing the right web hosting company is by no means an easy task, so here are five things you should

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11Aug 14

Free Service – Web hosting and Instant Web Design

If you’ve checked out our website recently you’ll notice that we’ve just launched a brand new FREE web hosting package. Why have we done this? It’s not just because we’re nice, (honest) we believe novices, hobby sites and SMEs trying to raise their profile and get a head start on the Internet shouldn’t have to

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22Apr 14

Free Virtual Servers Gives to Charities

We’re proud to introduce the new Free Charity Web Hosting package for all good causes registered in Leicester. This fully-comprehensive package is being offered to non-profit organisations to ensure all funds are invested directly in the good cause being supported, rather than in expensive web design and hosting.

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01Apr 14

Exclusive Students Web Hosting Package

Free Virtual Servers are proud to announce the launch of our brand new web hosting package built around the needs of UK students. Ideally suited to individuals with extensive needs though no prior knowledge of web hosting and very little money to invest, the Students Web Hosting Package delivers wall-to-wall features for the lowest possible price.

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