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09Feb 16

Safer Internet Day: 7 Tips for Online Security

Safer Internet DayLast year saw a huge surge in the amount of cyber security attacks. High profile data breaches such as the ones suffered by Target and Neiman Marcus’ Computer Systems saw their systems compromised and their business reputation suffered as a result.

Security breaches can be very costly and devastating, so should you be worried about the security of your websites and online accounts? If you hold any kind of database or customer data, you need to take steps to ensure that your systems are secure.  

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12Sep 14

It’s Time To Take Online Security Seriously

ghackGmail users have been advised to change their account passwords after account details were leaked online.

An unfortunate reality of the Internet is a phenomenon known in security circles as ‘credential dumps’ which is the leaking of usernames and passwords on the Internet. This week, we saw a whopping 5 million Gmail email addresses and passwords leaked on a Russian Bitcoin forum, this was a massive hack that has left people very sceptical about their online security.

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07May 14

3 Simple Tricks To Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

WP-tricks-more-secureWordPress has evolved far beyond a standard blogging platform it was originally built for into a full fledged open-source Content Managing System (CMS). Today, many businesses use WordPress to power their websites, blogs, or even online stores. Earlier this year, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, pointed out that about 20% of websites (over 60 million) on the Internet are running on WordPress with a staggering total of 4 billion monthly page views.

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14Apr 14

Heartbleed Blug: What You Need To Know

heartbleedThe internet is a big place of information exchanges including sensitive data that needs to be kept secure. Imagine websites full of this information and leaving their ‘door’ unlocked for any hacker to just get in and grab your stuff. That’s the dilemma to an estimated number of 66% of the web. Many websites – even the big famous ones are affected by this bug and in turn may put your precious information at risk.

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16Sep 13

Five of the Most Essential WordPress Security Plugins To Use

5 Best WordPress Security PluginsSuccessfully establishing a blog is no easy feat and what better way to make sure its integrity stays intact but through plugins that make it more secure? Failing to do so often entails serious repercussions such as stolen data, lost content and even page downtime should things go from bad to worst.

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02Jul 12

StopTheHacker – Better, Faster, Stronger Anti Malware to Protect Your Website

What happen if your website gets compromised?

If your website gets infected by malware or virus, not only will it harm your website, but also your visitor’s PC.

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27Jun 12

When Good Websites Gone Bad [Infographic]

“I only surf popular websites. So I don’t need to worry about malware, right?”

A recent research conducted by Baracuda Labs suggests that even popular and high-ranked websites are far from being safe to surf. In February 2012, the research team examined The Alexa Top 25,000 Most Popular Domains and found that in just a month time, over 10 million people were served exploited contents by visiting these websites.

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16Feb 11

We’ve made some improvements to our firewall…

In order to help keep your websites and email secure we operate firewalls on all of our servers. You’ve probably heard of a firewall as you almost certainly have one on your computer – the job of the firewall is to police the connections made to and from your computer while it’s on the Internet, ensuring only good connections can get through.

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