Free Service – Web hosting and Instant Web Design

11 August 2014

webdesIf you’ve checked out our website recently you’ll notice that we’ve just launched a brand new FREE web hosting package. Why have we done this? It’s not just because we’re nice, (honest) we believe novices, hobby sites and SMEs trying to raise their profile and get a head start on the Internet shouldn’t have to pay for web hosting.

There is a perception in the Internet world that if something is ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ that it’s not as good as something you pay big bucks for, which is probably what you’re thinking right now. However, we have to disagree, we’re offering the same great level of service we always offer but for free. So where is the catch? There isn’t one. Why should customers have to pay to host on a server, especially if it’s something you’re new to or just trailing? Naturally though, if you’re happy with our services which we’re sure you will be and your website traffic increases and you want to increase your bandwidth then you have the option of upgrading to one of our paid options. But if you just want to trail our web hosting or want to showcase your work, blog or if you’re new to the Internet, our free web hosting package is the perfect solution for you.

Our free web hosting package is perfect for almost everyone, with no server performance limitations, as long as you stick within our 50MB web space and 75MB bandwidth, you can host with us for free forever. All you have to do is switch your domain name and you’re done!

What if I don’t have a website?

If you’re new to the Internet or have never really thought about starting your own website, that’s fine. We have a solution for that too, we’ve partnered with Kopage web builder to include Kopage’s instant web design service in our package. Don’t panic, you don’t have to be a creative genius to set up a website on Kopage. Building a fully functional website was once a very complex process that only tech-savvy professionals could do, however with Kopage web builder you can build a website and have it published in a matter of hours.

Kopage website builder is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, it creates simple, yet powerful professional websites. This is the perfect solution if you’re setting up your first website. Kopage website builder gives you free, ready-to-use website templates so you have the freedom to upload files, content and photos so creating a personal website or homepage has never been simpler. To top it off, this fantastic tool is free with our free web hosting package, so you can create and host your website all for free.

However, if you don’t have the time to set up a website or want to leave it in the hands of an experience web designer, the design team at Free Virtual Servers will build you a professional website for a one off fee of just £69.99.

What do I get?

Just because it’s free it doesn’t mean we compromise on customer service and support. We still offer all of our customer outstanding customer service, support, technical help and can tailor your hosting specifications to meet your needs.

You may have seen other web hosting companies providing free services, but we can assure you none of them offer what we do, our package is the best in the business – trust us we’ve done our research!

Here’s what you’ll get:

– 75 MB Bandwidth
– 50 MB Web Space
– Free Kopage Web Builder
– Unlimited Subdomains
– 1 Database
– 1 FTP Account
– 1 Email Account
– 100 GB Complimentary Online Backup for PC/Mac
– cPanel

Sound too good to be true? There’s no catch, we’re simply offering you a free website hosting package with wall -to- wall features and opportunities with no hidden fees and no performance restrictions. Check our website for more information or sign up today, after all, it’s FREE.