Free SSL Certificates Forever – Protect Your Website And Gain Customer’s Trust

04 February 2016

Lets Encrypt LogoWe are delighted to announce the addition of “Let’s Encrypt”, which provides you with the ability to instantly issue trusted SSL certificates for all your hosted domains absolutely FREE!

In today’s security conscious environment, with cyber attacks becoming more and more frequent (think Talk Talk and VTech), you can never be certain that your customer’s data will be safe. Our strong 256bit (online banking standard) SSL certificates help to keep your customers confidential information safe on your website, and give them peace of mind.

With “Let’s Encrypt’s” one-click certificates, your website can go from having no protection to a certificate being fully installed in around 12 seconds!

Why Should Your Site Have An SSL Certificate?

  • To encrypt sensitive information
  • Authentication
  • Gain your customer’s trust
  • Protection from phishing

How Do I Get A Free SSL Certificate For My Site?
Log in to your cPanel, click “Let’s Encrypt” and then ‘Issue’ – it’s that easy!
For more information visit our Knowledgebase guide.