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17Dec 10

How can I do more with my hosting?

Install apps like WordPress and Joomla in just one click for Free

Since adding one-click script installs to our packages over 5 years ago our users have been installing scripts in seconds with minimal or no technical knowledge needed.

The program behind the one-click installs is called Fantastico and it allows you to install applications onto your website really easily and quickly.

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16Dec 10

Marketing SOS

Out with the Old, In with the New… Is it just that Easy?

The old way of doing things no longer works. Not if you want to grow your business. Success is going to be found in adopting “new ways” of marketing and selling.

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13Dec 10

Win an iPod Touch with .EU

The registry in charge of all .EU domain names, EURid, is giving away 100 8GB iPod Touches as part of an end-of-year promotion. The promotion is available to anybody registering a .EU domain name between November 25th and December 25th – simply visit and enter banner code XMAS2010 along with your domain name and contact details to be in with a chance of winning!

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07Dec 10

5 Warning Signs of a Poor Free Hosting Provider

I’m guessing that some of you are in the process of finding an appropriate free host or if not already have one in mind. So be prepared – after reading this you’re probably going to be asking yourself why you’re accepting poor service from your hosting provider.

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07Dec 10

Why pay for hosting?

Why should novices, hobby sites and SMEs looking to raise their profile online pay for hosting?

There is an image that hosting free and cheaper packages means a poorer service, which seems to be the instant presumption and perspective of many customers. Many UK web hosting companies have more recently decided to adopt a ‘no free hosting policy’ and have moved their customers onto a paid hosting option. But why should these customers have to pay every month for hosting on a server, when really the majority initially just want to see if it’s right for them?

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