Starter Steps To Getting Online

10 January 2013

Creating a website has always been a very challenging task for non-tech-savvy people. For most beginners, building their first professional website can take weeks if not months, with many just giving up in the process and pay a fortune to hire a professional web designer.

Is it really that difficult? Let’s dive into the process and see how we can help you to build your website as a complete novice. Essentially, there are 3 steps that you need to go through to get your website live on the Internet. These steps could be extremely hard or ridiculously easy, depending on which trail you decided to take.

Create a Stunning Professional Website

Website design – this is the very first step that you need to take to have a website, and is considered as the most difficult stage for many starters. Traditionally, you needed to have a good understanding of at least HTML and CSS. If you have never heard about those terms, don’t worry! We’re not going to talk about them as there are other, much easier ways to design a website.  Today, you can easily find web design software that require no technical knowledge to use, or use free online site builders that offer similar service. However, these site builder tools have major drawbacks. You are either stuck with a slow-speed website, have limited website pages, or worse, forced to have their branding splashed all over your site.

Easy Solution? Our brand new starter packages, FVS Starter and Starter Plus, come with Trendy Flash Site Builder, an advanced drag & drop website builder for beginners. It’s packed with sophisticated web design tools and features but yet incredibly easy to use. Creating a stunning website, eCommerce shop, or image gallery is just a matter of few clicks, and publishing it onto Internet can be done in just one single click of a mouse. Trendy Flash Site Builder truly simplifies website design and makes it look like a childs play, and it provides much more than just building a website.

If you want your website to be found easily on the Internet, Trendy Flash Website Builder also provides a simple SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Module to help your website rank high on Google search result page. This is perfect for users who are looking to build a website to promote their works or small businesses.

Domain Name Registration

To publish a website, you will first need a domain name which is going to be the address of the website (e.g. Domain name registration normally costs about £8 – £12 depending on the domain extension (.com, .eu,, etc.), and it has to be renewed every year or two.

Easy Solution? Both FVS Starter Packages provide a free domain name registration and transfer as part of the package. FVS Starter offers a free domain registration, while FVS Starter Plus offers an amazing free domain name FOR LIFE!

Publish Your Website

You’re almost there! After the domain name is registered, the website will then need to be published. To do this, you will need something that is called Web Hosting – and if you’re not technically minded, this stage can be a bit confusing as there are thousands of web hosting providers out there. However, you need not worry! The main points you really need to know when looking at a web hosting package are – does it come with anything free, does it have an easy to use web builder, does it come with enough web space for the needs of my website – ie if you have a 5 page text based website you will be fine on a low amount of bandwidth, however if you have image intensive site (e.g. eCommerce site), you will need extra web space such as over 500 MB so that your website is not slow in loading up.

Easy Solution? Now you can do all of these steps individually or you can choose what is known in the industry and getting a web hosting package which is much more cost effective and a lot easier to manage as it is all under one roof so to speak! Free Virtual Servers offers two starter packages that provide everything you need to get yourself up and going plus other hosting packages when your website starts getting bigger.