5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Better SEO

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30 July 2013

Best WordPress Plugins for SEOGetting started on your WordPress blog is just the tip of the iceberg – after all, what is great content if no one can see it? With the abundance of available SEO plugins out there, it can be daunting to choose which one really does the job. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through the best performing plugins that is sure to give you the best visibility results for your site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin has been a longtime staple of various essential WordPress plugins list and for good measure, since it doesn’t just offer full-on functionality but is a great tool in extending the SEO power of your site. Best of all, this plugin remains easy to use despite packing a punch in the features department.

As an all-in-one combo plugin, what this plugin basically does is that it lets you survey how your content will look in search engines. Most blog veterans will probably tell you that this plugin is almost as essential as putting up the WordPress blog itself. No matter which way you look at it, this is definitely one plugin that is sure to greatly extend your blog’s visibility.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is another indispensable plugin to include in your site’s SEO arsenal. From its name alone, one can already glean that it comes with a host of features combined in just one nifty package. Handy to use and fully fine-tuned to work with optimum navigation, users will surely find this a helpful addition in improving their SEO ranking.

From automatic title optimization to meta tags generations, All in One SEO Pack offers extended functionality that’s based on an excellent standard. The great thing about it is that it also works with other tools such as Google Analytics or even built-in APIs.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin’s primary feature enables users to generate a distinctive XML sitemap that lets various search engines to better index your blog. The resulting outcome is that crawlers will find it easier to get a feel of your site’s entire structure so it can be effectively retrieved in any future searches. More than just providing an efficient sitemap, Google XML also supports other types of custom URLs and generated pages in WordPress.

SEO Ultimate

Another great choice in the realm of WordPress SEO plugins is SEO Ultimate. This plugin offers advanced features that include permalink tweaker, link mask generator and rich snippet creator to name a few. The good thing about this plugin is that it lets you easily control of your site’s SEO settings along with other optimizing tools that lets you improve your blog’s visibility.

SEO Friendly Images

One common problem for users who mostly deal with photographic content is how to improve their SEO with no text to manipulate. What this plugin does is that it addresses this particular dilemma by assigning alternative and title words to your images so they can be easily found in web searches.


Employing the right SEO strategy for your site is definitely one priority any site or blog owner should employ to get things moving. More importantly though, these plugins have all been road-tested so all you have to do is choose what works best for you and get ready for the additional traffic that will come your way.

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