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Imagine all of your files, on any device, at any time. Welcome to FreeVirtualDrive

At FVD, we believe cloud storage should be 3 things. Firstly, it should be secure, because there's no price we can put on your personal data. Secondly, we believe it should be convenient, which is why you can access our cloud service from your desktop, mobile or tablet, using both iOS and Android apps. And lastly, we believe it should give you true online freedom, which is why we offer a gargantuan 500GB storage space for less than £1.20 per month!

Cloud Backup Packages

Our cloud backup packages provide daily online computer backup to make sure you're storing all your latest files in a safe and secure place. Our packages also provide access to up to 30 previous versions of any file and offers a 30 day restoration services to reinstate any files that have accidentally been deleted.

Key Features

Large Backup Storage Space

Restore Deleted Files From 30 Days Ago

Access Your Files From Mobile Devices

Access Your Files On Any Web Browser

Share Files With Friends & Family

100% Secure File Storage

Cloud Sync & Backup Combined Packages

These professional cloud packages combine both the cloud backup and the cloud sync features to give an all-in-one superior cloud service, with unbeatable storage space!

Key Features

Large Online Cloud Storage Space

Unlimited Computer Allowance

Sync Files Between Computers

Access Your Files On Any Web Browser

Upload Your Files To Social Media

Stream Your Music & Movies

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