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Easy Internet Solutions Ltd – Email Policy

Email Policy

Maximum Limit
For each domain, there is a maximum limit of 200 outgoing emails per hour. Once the outgoing email limit is reached, the email will bounce back accompanied by an undeliverable error. If this occurs, you should wait for at least an hour before sending messages again.

Our servers also have an upper limit of 30 POP3 hourly checks for every connecting IP address. A wrong password error report or a message stating "login incorrect" will appear should you go over this limit. If this happens, we suggest you to wait for at least an hour in order for the system to automatically unblock you. To pre-empt any re-occurrence, it is advisable that you deactivate auto-checking or set once every 10 minutes or so.

For mailing lists exceeding 5,000 addresses, clients are required to obtain a VPS hosting solution or dedicated server from us.

Mailing Lists Guideline

  • When sending a message to your email list, make sure to throttle each mail for at least 8 seconds so your outgoing messages would only amount to 180 emails per hour, which is still under the 200 email limit. If your software does not have this particular feature, you can use alternative scripts or applications that can allow message throttling.
  • Please take note that if throttling is not used, 200 messages will be sent in 1 second, which is not highly viable given our shared servers. Attempting to do so can potentially cause slow service and a sluggish site on your part until such time the sending of messages has been finished. Subsequently, users who cause a high load on servers will be suspended and the resulting process aborted.
  • Mailing lists exceeding 900 email addresses can only be sent during off-peak hours to counteract high server loads, which include the whole day for Saturday and Sunday and 1AM-8AM EST during weekdays.
  • All mailing lists should be a double opt-in list where users have specifically requested for a newsletter subscription or other email marketing dispatches.
  • It is expected that email scripts should be able to handle and record all information from the double opt-in list. From the processing of opt-outs to list removal of addresses that bounce back. We have the right to deactivate, suspend or terminate your account should your script fail to meet these requirements.
  • Sending of unsolicited emails can lead to termination of suspension of the user's account.
  • Mailing lists should also comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
  • Direct SMTP mailers are not allowed, such as Darkmailer, and only local mail servers can be used for mail delivery.

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