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Stop The Hacker

Website Security System Protecting You and Your Visitors

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Why you need it?

Imagine you stay in a hotel, and somebody breaks in into your room and steals your belongings. Obviously, you will blame the hotel for having a poor security system and share your terrible experience with others. The hotel itself might then get a bad reputation and find that people stop staying there. The same thing applies to your website. Your website is the face of your business .

Unprotected websites can easily be injected with malicious code that will harm not only your website, but also your website visitors' PCs. Through such a process, hackers can silently steal sensitive information like user names, passwords, and credit card details. With the recent pandemic increase in cyber-attacks, your business, your customers, and your online reputation could be at stake. This is why website security software is essential today.

Pricing & Plans


Weekly malware detection scan
Check if site is blacklisted
Check if site is infected by a known virus
Check if site is infected by known web malware
Scan all pages on website at each scan
Phone support
StopTheHacker trust seal for your website


per month


All features of Basic
Daily malware detection scan
Use Artificial Intelligence engine
Automatic clean-up of malicious malware
24/7 uptime monitoring
Check if site is infected by both known and unknown web malware
Protect your Facebook Page


per month

How does it work

So is StopTheHacker simply an anti-virus for your website? No. It is a much more advanced and sophisticated website security technology. While normal website protection software only focuses on analysing traditional malware on exe, msi, and scr files; StopTheHacker also analyses for dynamic Web 2.0 languages such as: php, ruby, html, css, javascript, in a much more accurate and faster phase than traditional anti-virus software. A recent test has shown that StopTheHacker detects web based malware nine times more accurately than normal anti-virus software such as AVG and Avast. Furthermore, since StopTheHacker is a fully hosted website protection service, there's absolutely no download or installation required. It simply works!

The Ugly Truth:

  • 30,000 websites get infected every day
  • 9,500 websites are blacklisted every day
  • 85% of malware comes from the web
  • 75% of hosted websites have vulnerabilities
  • Anti-virus and Firewalls are Not Enough

The Implications:

  • Your customers can't access your website
  • Your customers' PCs could be harmed
  • Irreparable loss of online reputation
  • Loss of SEO positions
  • Loss of revenue

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