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Protect Your Website with SiteLock

At FVS Hosting we are proud to offer a comprehensive security tool to protect your website from hackers and malware, powered by SiteLock. Its full features include:

  • Real-time monitoring and instant alerts for malware attacks
  • Automatically remove malware from your website as soon as it’s detected
  • Block hackers from accessing your website with an advanced firewall
  • Show your users that your website is safe with the SiteLock Seal

Is SiteLock really necessary for me?

You might think that only large corporations are targets for hackers, but in fact the opposite is true. Since many small businesses leave their websites vulnerable to attack, they’re a potential goldmine for cyber-criminals. Hackers may target your website in an attempt to steal sensitive information, redistribute malware to your users, or simply to take your website offline. Prevention is much more effective than any cure, so SiteLock is ideal for securing small and medium-sized business websites.

SiteLock protects you and your customer's personal data from hackers.

What level of security is right for me?

To ensure you get the best value from SiteLock, we have a choice of two packages, and we can help you choose which is appropriate for your website.

Our SiteLock Packages


£19.99 per year

  • SiteLock Seal displayed on your website
  • Daily scan for threats
  • Scan up to 25 website pages
  • Reputation manager
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


£39.99 per year

  • SiteLock Seal displayed on your website
  • Daily scan for threats
  • Scan up to 100 website pages
  • Reputation manager
  • Auto-delete malware
  • File change monitor
  • Daily FTP scan
  • -


£59.99 per year

  • SiteLock Seal displayed on your website
  • Daily scan for threats
  • Scan up to 500 website pages
  • Daily full scan for vulnerabilities
  • Daily FTP security scan
  • Eliminate malware automatically
  • Network security
  • SQLi & XSS scan

SiteLock features explained...

SiteLock Seal
SiteLock Seal

The secure SiteLock status bar on your website will reassure your users that any data they input is safe and secure in your hands. This helps your customers feel more comfortable about trusting you and helps make sales.

Reputation Management
Reputation Management

SiteLock automatically monitors your online reputation and automatically flags up any potential issues.

360-Degree Site Scan
360-Degree Site Scan

The full vulnerability scan performed by SiteLock will alert you to hidden security threats, while daily standard scans instantly detect and block malware attacks or hacks.

Malware Removal
Malware Removal

As soon as malicious software is detected, SiteLock can instantly remove it from your website to prevent further attacks, and send you a notification.

FTP Security
FTP Security

SiteLock can scan your website’s File Transfer Protocol system to ensure there are no malware infections in your directories.


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