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Easy Internet Solutions Ltd – Supplemental Fees

This is a non-exhaustive list of additional single-time fees that may be applicable to customers of Easy Internet Solutions Ltd under certain circumstances. All prices exclude VAT and are subject to revision at any time.

Restore from backup – £30
If you want us to restore your website to an earlier backup, this can be attempted. All existing data will be lost and we cannot make any guarantees over the success of the restoration. Backups are only stored for a short period of time and it is unlikely we can restore from longer than 2 weeks ago.

Credit/Debit Card Dispute, Returned/Bounced Cheque, or PayPal dispute – £25.00
If you file a payment dispute (also known as a chargeback) with your credit or debit card issuer (or any other payment method) relating to a payment that we feel is legitimate, we reserve the right to charge this 'resolution fee' per occurrence to cover administration costs. If you send us a cheque that is later returned or bounced, we reserve the right to charge this 'resolution fee' per occurrence to cover administrative costs.

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